Golden Triangle is excited to offer a new Water Market service to Western Nebraska.  Much like Real Estate’s MLS database, the GTLS Water Market is optimized to pair landowners who fall within the NRD’s rules and regulations with each other to help buy, sell, and trade water allocations for that allocation years crop needs. 

All Certified Irrigation Acre (CIA’S) owners now have the option to sell or trade water acres in the case of drought years or simply purchase more water to grow a more water intensive crop (alfalfa, sugar beats, etc.).

Our Consulting Landmen will walk you through the transfer document process, which will list your CIA’s on The Water Market. Free of charge and anonymous, you will have the ability to list your CIA and or Allocation for transfer/sell or transfer/purchase with farmers on a temporary or permanent basis.


Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc. deals in all aspects of Land Management including the Sub-Surface. Western Nebraska historically has been known for its Conventional Oil reserves dating back to the 1950’s and is still a top shallow producing areas in the United States.

Minerals can be severed from the surface and reserved when the real estate is sold. Our AAPL certified Petroleum Landmen research and determine mineral ownership under our client’s tracts. “MinReports” identify the mineral owners, the amount of interest owned, and if the minerals can be reverted back to the surface owner. 

Farmers and Ranchers benefit from understanding the mineral ownership below their land as mineral interests add cash value to real estate. Mineral owners can execute Oil and Gas Leases for bonus money, receive Royalty’s from oil produced, and minerals are great for leaving to family members for future oil production.

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Golden Triangle provides Farmers and Ranchers with Land Management and Rural Marketing Services that makes it easier to connect with buyers, sellers, and vendors.  All Farmers and Ranchers need to join the FREE GTLS Online Market and work with the Key Point Trading Systems which makes transactions fast, simple, and profitable.



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