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Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc.

Here at GTLS, with our long-term project experience we understand the unique challenges that come with shale plays from state to state. We specialize in understanding mineral and surface ownership in target areas for our clients in a timely cost effective manner; while managing consulting land men and reporting on day-to-day operations.

We offer:

  • All facets of title examination
  • Leasing and Seismic Permitting 
  • Arc-GIS mapping services
  • Complete in-house and field due diligence services
  • Federal and State unit research
  • Expert abstract compilation services using Proprietary software
  • Surface Landowner Mineral Ownership Reports

Golden Triangle Land Services, INC.

Complete Project Management

At Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc.. we offer a variety of land services to our clients. GTLS field services are designed to address everything from major strategic issues to more basic problems affecting everyday energy business practices.

We are committed to delivering informative data reporting to our clients land department, actionable legal document signing and recording, and abide by state mineral law while abiding by oil and gas commission regulations.


Energy Lease negotiation and preparation

  • Mineral purchasing for future prospect
  • 3D Seismic permitting and negotiation
  • ROW surface pipeline negotiation
  • Surface Use Negotiation, agreements and inspections
  • Due Diligence and title curative projects
  •  Cursory, full title research and report preparation
  •  State and BLM Research and Leasing
  • GIS mapping & plotting services
  •  Project database compilation and remote location reporting
  • Solar and Wind Development
  • Surface Landowner Mineral Ownership Reports

Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc.

Projects That Come To Life

At GTLS our ArcGIS mappers have the ability to make your project come to life visually by incorporating the free public data available on the internet into ArcGIS plats for instant base maps that incorporate surface use, topographic limitations, current leasehold, third-party leasehold, federal leasehold, and current production information (HBP). Our advanced lease project software automatically plats all leasehold information directly into ArcGIS which can be exported digitally to clients for fast adaptation into their own information system, or we can do your mapping for you using our state of the art 42” color plotters if you prefer. Reporting current real time information in a detailed manner is what we believe makes GTLS stand out in front of the rest. Our data collection and reporting can be updated and sent from the field via mobile device from anywhere in the Rocky Mountain/Plains region for our clients convenience.

Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc.

“Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc. provides our clients with both Surface and Mineral Consulting Services that focus on mineral ownership determination, mineral valuation, land acquisition and is up on the current lease plays in the region. “

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Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc. deals in all aspects of Land Management including the Sub-Surface.

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