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Golden Triangle Land Services Inc, (GTLS) delivers results that can be trusted through the entire land acquisition and drilling process. Our process is to understand our clients goals, layout our tailored services to reach those goals, and see the protect to the end.

It is important to understand the land surface and most importantly sub-surface to protest our clients investment into a prospect. The GTLS mission is to truly redefine the land services business’s, by using our teams experience and knowledge from decades of complicated land work in some of the most complicated areas of the United States for oil research and development.

Golden Triangle Land Services Inc, sees all projects through until the end and we make our clients understand where their projects is are with a realtime reporting system by utilizing Golden Triangles newly developed database software to manage the largest prospects.

Robert C. Cline, Sr., CPL

Our team of professional AAPL Certified Landmen are led by Robert C. Cline, Sr., CPL who has over 30 years of oil and gas land experience and who specializes in sophisticated database management and leases database reporting.

Robert C. Cline, Sr., CPL is a senior oil and gas Landman with management skills accumulated from more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Beginning his career as an approved title examiner and abstractor for the title insurance industry, Robert moved into land support for the oil and gas industry in 1976. Robert has proven himself as a successful manager of a brokerage business. He is a powerful negotiator with winning experience in competitive oil and gas plays in multiple states. Robert is proficient in title reporting, title analysis, title curative, competitive lease acquisition, seismic project management and managing due diligence projects. Robert’s technical skills include proficiency with Microsoft Office including MS Excel Macros and VBA, MS Access, Access VBA, and PowerPivot with Sax for data analysis services. Robert is also skilled at Sharepoint administration for collaborative projects. Robert’s Professional goals are to provide competent land related services to oil and gas exploration companies with quality team of Landmen, providing technical support and administrative tools to service client needs and goals.

Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc. provides our clients with both Surface and Mineral Consulting Services that focus on mineral ownership determination, mineral valuation, land acquisition and is up on the current lease plays in the Rocky Mountain Region.
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Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc. deals in all aspects of Land Management including the Sub-Surface.

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